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Multi-Function Emergency power supply

Multi-Function Emergency power supply
  • Multi-Function Emergency power supply
  • Multi-Function Emergency power supply
  • Multi-Function Emergency power supply
  • Multi-Function Emergency power supply
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Multi-Function Emergency power supply

Powergod Epower emergency start for the car anywhere , which is a multi- car emergency starter , universal mobile power emergency SOS distress car charger , car ignition power , intelligent multi-purpose mobile power, Multi-Function Emergency power supply.

Under normal circumstances, if the car does not start, we can only helpless , not dry and other relief , such as the trailer is not only time-consuming and more waste of money , Shenzhen Thread Tech Co. , Ltd. launched portable Epower, car emergency starting power .

1 product specifications , capacity : Host size is 175* 75 * 25mm, 12000MAH.

2 Packing: Packing size 265 * 190 * 60mm

Product Features :

1, car emergency start can give all the power output of 12V car battery ignition , but the range of products suitable for different emission cars will be different , providing outdoor emergency rescue and other services ;

2 , standard LED super bright white lights , warning lights flicker , and the SOS signal , travel tourism is a good helper ;

3 , car emergency start the power not only to support automotive emergency start , also supports a variety of output , there is 5V output ( supports all types of mobile phones and other mobile products ) , 12V output ( supports routers , etc. ) , 19V output ( supports most notebooks ) , widely used to increase life ;

4 , car emergency starting power built- acid battery , but also a high-performance polymer lithium-ion batteries, the range of options and more ;

5 , the lithium -ion polymer Automobile emergency start starting power and long service life , charge-discharge cycle can go to more than 500 times , full power can start the car 20 times

6 , lead-acid battery power with emergency start class air pump, a pressure of 120PSI, can be easily inflated.

7 , in particular: Lithium-ion polymer battery indicator class emergency need only turn on the power to the car ignition can be more than 3 grid , it would burn the car to start the emergency power to the host . Remember to charge it wants.

In order to achieve the maximum power the car starts life , it is recommended at all times to keep the machine full of state , if the power does not maintain full state , the power of life will be shortened , if not used , please ensure that every three months charge and discharge time .