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Solid wood doors factory direct special multi-station engraving machine

Solid wood doors factory direct special multi-station engraving machine
  • Solid wood doors factory direct special multi-station engraving machine
Product code: 25277600001
Unit price: 100 CNY  (14.54 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Rated voltage: 380v Feeding speed: 30 m / min
Max length: 2500 (mm) Max Thickness: 200 (mm)
Custom processing: It is Max Width: 1300 (mm)
Types of: Door carving machine rated power: 8 (kw)
model: 1325 Scope: Solid wood doors
Brand: Jin carving Product Type: brand new
Dimensions: 1500 * 3000 * 1750 (mm) Total Weight: 1600 (kg)
Forms of work: Automatic


1, before buying Kam carving CNC equipment must proofing. You can bring the material to the factory after the trial carving satisfaction buy! You can also send the material to the factory, after engraving to meet the requirements back to confirm later! Have experience friends can be purchased directly! Have special requirements friends can configure your requirements to produce!

2, exercise machine technician should have secondary education or engaged in work related to the operator;

3, depending on your target market and technical requirements, choose a device can really help you to improve the competitiveness of the products.

Service measures:

1, free to help customers complete the necessary pre-processing technology and supporting facilities, to help customers achieve the desired benefits.

2, to provide after-sales gymnastics training; 24-hour service hotline, immediate help you. If you need to you need to travel home training services produced by the corresponding fee paid by the customer, fee details, please contact the 24-hour service hotline.

3, monthly telephone interviews, free to provide you with guidance and answering.

4, within the warranty period, to provide users with free services; (except wearing parts) product warranty for one year, six months warranty spindle bearings. Carving knives is a consumable, not within the scope of the warranty.

5, from the failure to repair the repair process completion time, promised not more than 72 hours.


PayPal payment or the Bank of play money

Alipay 30% deposit timely arrival or Bank of play money 30% of our time prescribed to issue machine. Device after you headed to the local logistics logistics station inspection. Verify that no problem can pick up the balance paid.

Delivery Logistics -

Logistics costs specific location to see the buyer, generally around 1,500 yuan, Shandong province, Shandong province, less than 1,000 yuan (Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan border in 2000 yuan -2600) Machine with dust-proof plastic film packaging, no fee fee, buyers can choose wooden packaging, wooden packaging domestic logistics around 1,200 yuan, foreign logistics wooden packaging about 2000 yuan. Since the big machine go all the logistics, generally only to the city following the county town requires the user to contact their freight transit freight themselves. If users require special transport means (such as express delivery EMS ...) NA me all shipping by the users themselves.

Contact QQ 1402704821 24-hour hotline: 15506350733 Contact: Mr. Zhang

Address: Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, before Yoshiaki 660 Industrial Park Station Road

Remarks: -

Be sure to personally inspection station in logistics, logistics station after leaving the machine will not be responsible for damage is found, the number of machines in the transport process will produce some bump off paint, this is difficult to avoid, but it does not affect the performance of the machine, if you find the machine severely damaged, Please send us the pictures taken at different angles, we will negotiate with the logistics company compensation costs. If the buyer received the machine, the machine did not have quality problems, no reason to return, the buyer bear the shipping back and forth all the above description please friends in purchase Please leave a message at the time of purchase when Memo sure to look at, such as software or other aspects of the machine has the particularity of clear requirements in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble.

JD-1325M wheeled long wood engraving machine


1, multi-cylinder wheeled models instead of ATC, ATC industry to solve the trouble carved wooden doors, automatic tool changer model and costly type of affordable models.
2, with imports of high-precision double-nut ball screws automatic elimination gap, import square linear guide, high precision, good dust effects, strong bearing capacity, long service life.
3, with the breakpoint continued carving Duandao function, support save 10 workpiece origin, guaranteed to continue in the accident (cutting knife, power outage) or the next day.
4, high-precision frequency control spindle ensures clear carving fine, smooth edges hollow, hollow pattern inside corner R is small, and can work long hours, long life and durability.

5, using high-pressure high-speed drives, jump fast, powerful, high precision.

6, X-axis dust-proof structure of the popular and effective guarantee of long-term operating performance.

7, compatibility: compatible Type3 / artcarm / castmate / proe / Corelerow / Wentai and other CAD / CAM software.

8, equipped with automatic knife, the knife saves time and improves work efficiency.

Scope: This section models are manufactured specifically for the wood industry a high-performance model design is ideal for cutting, such as carved wood industry but can also be applied to the frame of the cutting and engraving, and other wood products industry cutting. and carving.

Application materials : Mahogany, hardwood, wood panels, MDF, foam board, acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, color plates, plastic plates, artificial marble, Firewood, rubber plate, plastic plate, double plate, ivory, bones, leather, glass, copper, aluminum and the like.

Technical Parameters:


JD-1325M-2 (3)




Cast iron can be fixed

X.Y axis travel

1300mm * 2500mm


Z-axis travel


May heightening

Z-axis control mode

Independent control

The maximum engraving speed

20m / min





Axis drive move mode


Optional Servo


Motion Control Card

Interchangeable handle

Interface Interface


Software operating environment

Windows2000 / XP / 98

Carving instructions

G code, u. 00, mmg, plt

Power (spindle)



2200W brushless cooling

Can be customized and high-power air-cooled

Spindle speed

0-24000 rev / min

Shank diameter

3.175 / 4 / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm


power supply

380 / 220V / 50HZ

May be set 110V / 50HZ