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3030 precision jade carving machine

3030 precision jade carving machine
  • 3030 precision jade carving machine
Product code: 25276500001
Unit price: 1850000 CNY  (268981.36 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Rated input power: 2200 (W) Cutter diameter: 3-6 (mm) Bottom diameter: 360 * 360 (mm)
Plunger stroke length: 150 (mm) Spindle drilling speed: 24000 (r / min) Collet chuck: 6
Custom processing: Weight: 320 (kg) Power type: AC
Model: JD-3030Y Height: 150 (mm) Specifications: JD-3030Y
Rotation speed: 24000 (rpm) Scope: jade, bronze, carving crafts Brand: Jin carving
Power supply voltage: 220V


This machine designed for mold, carved jade and build

• Features:
• overall cast iron bed triaxial full side rails, double nut ball screws automatic elimination gap structure for the drive.
• High-power water-cooled brushless frequency spindle motor, cutting intensity strong and durable.
• Use a high-speed drive, stepper motor, improve work efficiency.
• Unique dust-proof, waterproof device, effectively protect the clean mechanical transmission parts, rust, maintenance work easier.
• Industry's Advanced various advantages, as many as 10 breakpoint memory function, greatly reducing the phenomenon of waste workers waste.
• Strong compatibility, suitable for a variety of CNC software:. Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Pore, Wentai, various CAD / CAM software can easily make relief, video sculpture and three-dimensional art of the word and so on.
Suitable materials: mainly used in processing all types of jade, artificial stone, glass and copper, aluminum, iron and plastic, wood, and other substances.
Industry: mold, jade, sign making and other industries.

Technical Parameters:

Machine Type / Model

The scope of work / working range

Working speed / working speed

Repeatability / accuracy

Spindle parameters / spindle

Operating voltage / voltage

Tool diameter / cutting tool


300MM * 300MM * 150mm

≤8m / min


0.8 / 1.5 / 2.2kw 24000rpm / min

110V / 220V 50Hz / 60Hz

3.175 mm, 6mm