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Dedicated high-speed engraving machine spindle Frequency Electric | engraving head

Dedicated high-speed engraving machine spindle Frequency Electric | engraving head
  • Dedicated high-speed engraving machine spindle Frequency Electric | engraving head
Product code: 25275900001
Unit price: 55000-60000 CNY
Reference price: 7993.96-8720.68 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Maximum speed temperature: 50 (℃) Maximum speed Noise: 45 (db)
Spindle taper: 12 Whether the inventory: It is
Rated speed: 24000 (rpm) Taper runout: 0.001 (mm)
model: 1.5 2.2 3.0 4.5 Balancing: 0.1 (mg)
Brand: Jin carving For machine tools: Engraving Machine
Whether wholesale: It is

Engraving machine for engraving spindle speed frequency control, high quality spindle, if quality problems, three days refunding, 7 days replacement, one year warranty.

The factory has various models of the spindle, To purchase please contact TrustPass: Jin carving CNC equipment .QQ: 1402704821 Tel: 0635-8982918

Spindle Caution:

1. The water-cooled electric spindle should ensure that the use of cooling system is working properly, is strictly prohibited without the cooling conditions, cooling water by 1L / kw per-minute basis, not less than the minimum flow of cooling water 5L / min, the cooling water pipes and faucets link must be reliable, no leaks.

2. The electric spindle and the drive should be supporting the use of specifications and parameters of the inverter and electric spindle should be set to match the nominal parameters as set incorrectly will affect the normal operation of the spindle, and in severe burn electric spindle.

3. The electro-spindle in the preservation and transportation, high-speed grease inside the bearing state will change, customers should be preceded by a low speed Running. Running speed at 3000 rev / min best, 30 minutes after the press at 3000 rpm increments until the maximum speed differential, Running 10-15 minutes per file, if run-direct high-speed start, will produce abnormal sound, noise, heat and other phenomena, thereby affecting bearing life. electric spindle power should be at least in the long term placement during low-speed rotation during the week 20-30 minute.

4. electric spindle clamp the tool, you must collet nut, tapered bore debris clean, so as not to affect the accuracy, handle insert collet must be greater than 15mm.

5. The cold coolant circulation must be clean, non-greasy, temperature control at 5-30 degrees Celsius, if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius, the cooling medium must be forced cooling.

6. no percussion cap electric spindle, unloading is prohibited knife and beat the collet head. Transport, storage and use of non-bump, especially shaft.

7. The electric spindle must be operated in accordance with the specified direction.

You can call if unclear in terms of the use of engraving machine or do not understand where I work and technical guidance 15506350733