Decoration with air purifiers

Decoration with air purifiers

Product description:

Decoration with air purifiers


We specialize in the development, production, sales of air purifiers, existing office / living room series, bedroom series, infants and pregnant series, decoration series, automotive series, 5 series, 16 models of different styles and sizes of air purifiers, Chengzhao distributors, resellers.

Size : 500mm * 410mm * 410mm

CADR:: 150 cfm

Rated voltage: 220V

Air volume : 400m3 / h

Rated power : 70W

Noise : 54dB ( maximum ), 35dB ( minimum)

Plasmacluster volume : 1.0 * 106 / cm3

Application area : 30m2-50m2

The main selling point : a long-term complex HEPA filter, VOC filter

Function: Compound -efficiency HEPA filter, layered filter PM2.5, PM10, PM100, etc., different sizes of particulate matter ( dust, pollen, hair, etc. ), a catalytic activated carbon + Celite + in addition to formaldehyde composite filter, efficient removal smoke, musty resolve decoration pollution, in addition to formaldehyde special filters, effects resolve decoration pollution (optional ), pure biological antibacterial filter, inhibit bacteria, net ion generator, fresh air, 3rd speed adjustment