Pregnancy baby Special Air Purifier

Pregnancy baby Special Air Purifier

Product description:

Pregnancy baby Special Air Purifier


We specialize in research and development, production and sales of air purifiers, existing Office/living room, bedroom, pregnancy infant series, decoration series car series, 5 series, with 16 different styles and sizes of air purifiers, recruitment agents, distributors.

1. size: 407 (h) *360 (w) *153 (d) mm

2. CADR: 100cfm

3. voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

4. power: 45W

5. noise: 50dB (max), 35dB (min)

6. the net amount of ions: 1.0*106pcs/cm3

7. application area: 155ft2/about 15m2

Selling point:

Long term composite HEPA filters, VOC filter;


Front filter to remove dander, pollen, dust, HEPA filters full filter fine dust, particles, VOC filters in addition to taste, with the exception of harmful gases, net ion generators clean air