Bedroom photocatalytic air purifier

Bedroom photocatalytic air purifier

Product description:

Bedroom photocatalytic air purifier


We specialize in the development, production, sales of air purifiers, existing office / living room series, bedroom series, infants and pregnant series, decoration series, automotive series, 5 series, 16 models of different styles and sizes of air purifiers, Chengzhao distributors, resellers.

Size : 560 (H) * 440 (W) * 209 (D) mm

CADR: 200cfm

Voltage : AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power : 56W

Noise : 54dB (max) 20dB (min)

Plasmacluster volume : 1.0 * 106pcs / cm3

Application area : 310ft2 / about 30m2

The main selling point :

Efficient photocatalytic air purification; super HEPA, VOC filter, dust, odor removal; Plasmacluster Ion generator, filter cleaning, air quality sensors, energy-saving low noise DC motor, LED display, remote control function;


Photocatalytic sterilization, disinfection, decomposition of harmful gases, pre-filter cotton filter out large particles of pollutants, HEPA filter filters fine dust comprehensive particles, VOC odor filter, in addition to harmful gases, clean fresh air ionizers, air quality ( particulate matter ) sensor to automatically detect air pollution, adjustable speed ;