Commercial - Home photocatalytic air purifier

Commercial - Home photocatalytic air purifier

Product description:

Business - Home photocatalytic air purifier

KJ-581D (new)

We specialize in the development, production, sales of air purifiers, the existing office / living room series, bedroom series, infants and pregnant series, decoration series, vehicle series, 5 series, 16 models of different styles and sizes of air purifiers, Chengzhao distributors, resellers.

Size: 760 * 335 * 175mm

CADR: 150cfm

Power: 70W

Noise: 50dB ~ 20dB

Application area: 232 ft2, approximately 30-50 m2


• antibacterial pre-filter can be cleaned to remove large particles of dust, dander, hair and the like.

• The effect filters, removing road dust and other particulate matter -PM10.

• Efficient HEPA, removing car exhaust, smog and other particles into the lungs -PM2.5.

• nano-crystalline silver catalyzed carbon filter, efficient removal of VOC, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants decoration.

• enzyme deodorizing filter, remove smoke, pet odors and the like.

• UV-C band coupled photocatalysts, strong kill the virus, sterilization, decomposition of harmful gases.

• Plasmacluster Ion generator, fresh air.

• humidification function, providing a comfortable moist clean air.

• Aroma function, flavor can always replace.

• Set the air quality sensor (PM2.5), automatic detection of air quality and regulate the speed of purification.

• Set the air humidity sensor, intelligent maintain the most comfortable humidity, 40-70% be adjusted.

• DC motor, high efficiency and low noise, 20dB minimum noise.

• 4 stall speed, ad hoc rapid purification and sleep mode.

• automatically prompted to change the filter