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Antelope Good Morning | Four Seasons scarf Chiffon Scarf scarf long towel wild scarf fold pure silk scarf

Antelope Good Morning | Four Seasons scarf Chiffon Scarf scarf long towel wild scarf fold pure silk scarf
Product code: 25261500030
Unit price 4.78$
Sold quantity 14269
Available stock 6786

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Material: Polyester fiber
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Applicable season: spring and summer winter
  • Gender: Female
  • Color recalls - reminiscent - orange remembrance - red recall - watermelon red remembrance - green remembrance - naked white remembrance - orange remembrance - purple remembrance - dark green remembrance - lake blue remembrance - gray remembrance - light purple remembrance - turmeric recall - - fluorescent yellow remembrance - white remembrance - powder recall - naked powder recall - gem blue remembrance - light blue remembrance - black remembrance - wine red recall - pink recall - dark blue remembrance - grass green
  • Scarf Brand: Antelope Good Morning
  • Item: RGLT688
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • Function: decoration
  • Applicable to: youth
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: fold
  • pattern: plain
  • Ingredients: 96% or more

fabric composition: Polyester >
Process: Fold | chiffon >
Counter price: -- >
Product Number: >
product name: recall >
Size: 180cm * 140cm (± 5cm) >
Weight: 70 grams (± 5g with bag) >
Packing: Transparent pp bag >
Colour: 24 color into >
Washing instructions: With a neutral or weak acid detergent (such as silk detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.), water temperature below 30 degrees, not bleach, not exposure, hanging in the shade dry, low temperature ironing. >
Tips: Manual measurement, please take into account the error of about 1-3 cm >

Memories - Watermelon Red

Remembrance - dark green

Remembrance - rose red

Remembrance - orange

'Design concept: classic design, minimalism'

Has been heard such a concept - minimalism, whether it is artistic creation or life.

Minimalist designer Eva said:

'This way of cutting makes it easy to focus on those few objects.

This environment is calm and sensible, and this is the basic belief of the minimalist.

Abandon useless details, keep the true part of the design.

Remembrance - orange powder

Clean lines, color, fully embodies the minimalism of Not in shape, more introverted and elegant.

Although it is still simple to the extreme, but not cold.

This season's minimalist cut, color and fabric are all revealing feminine,

Like a bowl of tea without the need to taste the soup has a tea and a fragrance,

Let us in the nine to five complex can still be out of life and music, quiet, beautiful.

Remembrance - light purple

Delicate and elegant solid color design, not boring style.

Pure color, so that the design return to the ancient nature, multi-color into, the choice becomes simple.

I have a special complex for solid things, especially scarves.

It is like the morning sun drilling into the woods, everything is brand new gold,

Not mixed with any other color, the child simply like stubborn, like in the world,

But at the same time in the mix will not be too limited by the environment and clothing, binding,

Almost everything with everything - floral, striped, spliced ​​... with the warmth of blending

Recall - skin powder

Visually very comfortable mixed color - skin powder, sweet but not greasy soft feeling.
With the retractable freely, that is able to mildly fresh sweet little girls, but also know the elegant Wenqing Fan children,
Her soul, character, everything is up to you.
Remembrance - wine red

Remembrance - rubber red

Memories - Purple

Memories - turmeric

Recall - naked powder

Memories - pink

Remembrance - red

Remembrance - sapphire blue

Reminiscent - dark blue

Remembrance - green

Memories - Lake Blue

Remembrance - Fluorescence Yellow

Reminiscent - light blue

Remembrance - grass green

Memories - naked white

Reminiscent - gray

Memories - Black

Memories - White