Easy assembly shoe dedicated supply three, four, feet and other plastic parts

Easy assembly shoe dedicated supply three, four, feet and other plastic parts

Product description:

Number of floors: 1 level Scope: change of clothes, books and magazines, CD, medicine, shoes, toys, other Category: Storage Rack
Brand: Qing Snow Material: Non-woven

Supply pipe shoe dedicated three, four, feet and other plastic parts, now we are using a standard tee 13, required 12 to consult our customer service! Thank you.

Shoe introduction:

Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd. is a professional production of a good God drag, simple assembly of shoe manufacturers, welcomed the new and old customers to buy!

1, this shoe can be when the shoe rack can be used for shelving, 2-10 mesh sheet, the following can be put shoes, the top layer can put other debris.

2, free to put whatever you want to put a space, are ideal for new home life

3. Using a plating bar, beautiful but also durable, tee connection is a new PP material, regardless ruffle breaking are not bad.

4, the product of high quality barrier, dirt does not fall into the bottom of the shoe on the lower layer of the upper, the shoe no longer have huddled together, each pair of shoes has its own separate room, looking for a more convenient shoes a glance oh!

There are 2-10 layer shoe rack, customers can order styles !! you need according to your needs

Specializing in the production of various types of wardrobe shoe cover dust cover bags processing. The factory Taobao small sellers a generation of delivery.

Note: Because the two layers assembled shoe shoe not NA me a small package, there are two sets of two-layer package together so parents who want to bring the number of two-layer assembly shoe even oh.!