Factory outlets floor multi-purpose shoe rack assembled | Simple shoe storage | a generation of fat

Factory outlets floor multi-purpose shoe rack assembled | Simple shoe storage | a generation of fat

Product description:

Installation: The Landmark type material: plastic Origin: Yongkang
Price group: 10-20 yuan Model: QN-X1 Number of floors: 2 floors, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, 10
Specifications: Scope: change of clothes, books and magazines, bags, stationery, shoes, sundries, toys, other Category: Storage Rack
Brand: Qing Snow Brand Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade Time to market: 2013 spring
Limit discounts
Mop factory direct multi-function dual-drive foal Mop
$34.00 Sold 8072 Item
Snow shoe brand celebrate simple assembly
$5.80 Sold 9478 Item
Connaught brand factory outlets celebrate four simple shoe assembly
$7.00 Sold 1213 Item
Factory outlets
$45.00 Sold 9523 Item
Factory outlets
$38.00 Sold 7606 Item
White Rabbit factory direct sales Free step hand pressure dual-drive type mop rotating mop mop wholesale
$70.00 Sold 6643 Item
Snow shoe brand celebrate simple assembly
$5.80 Sold 2993 Item
Factory direct Duck duckling paragraph shall hand pressure mop dual drive-free step on rotating mop mop wholesale
$50.00 Sold 4047 Item
$52.00 Sold 1702 Item

Do compartment price minus X layer * 0.4 yuan (corresponding to go pro to shoot oh baby)!

Good news, good news, celebrate Snow Shoe upgrade license plates assembled. Each shoe now has a dust cloth, so you do not worry about the above shoes 'contaminate' the following shoes.

This shoe is a new, user-friendly design, free entry. Complete product of 4 or 10 layers, can be arbitrary combination of two layers, 4 layers, 6 layers, 8 layers, 10 layers of porous-bit user-friendly design, adults and children shoes of different sizes to meet the needs of adjustment. Each floor has 63CM so put three pairs of shoes is absolutely a very spare. We create a living product, we create social value products ......... ... `

Is not feeling shoe lying will not lose the living room tidy, generous. Hurry to buy sets of shoe, put your shoes family assembled, let the house become more beautiful, cleaner.

Please note!!!

Color: Black / White

Number of floors: 2 Layer 4 Layer 6 Layer 8 layers 10 layers

Different colors, different layers, different price, please check with us before you make another next single!

(Due to the different areas of the hair, so this offer free shipping!)

Under normal circumstances have inventory, order immediately after delivery, such as special circumstances, within three days of the delivery! Please understand.

Note: The new barrier board assembly with spacer fabric layer shoe market, and we want not only dress shoes a shelf, it is needed to protect each pair of shoes a shoe rack.


Note: Because the two layers assembled shoe shoe not NA me a small package, there are two sets of two-layer package together so parents who want to bring the number of two-layer assembly shoe even oh.!