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The new foal dual drive mop | mop wholesale | Free step hand-pressure type | a generation of fat | factory outlets

The new foal dual drive mop | mop wholesale | Free step hand-pressure type | a generation of fat | factory outlets
  • The new foal dual drive mop | mop wholesale | Free step hand-pressure type | a generation of fat | factory outlets
Product code: 25159300001
Unit price: 34-37 CNY
Reference price: 4.94-5.38 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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color: blue Carton Size: 85 * 54.5 * 48 Size: 46 * 29 * 23.5
Origin: Zhejiang Price group: 30-40 yuan Category: mop mop bucket Set
Brand: Qing Snow Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade The number of cartons: 6
Time to market: 2013
Limit discounts
Mop factory direct multi-function dual-drive foal Mop
$34.00 Sold 8072 Item
Snow shoe brand celebrate simple assembly
$5.80 Sold 9478 Item
Connaught brand factory outlets celebrate four simple shoe assembly
$7.00 Sold 1213 Item
Factory outlets
$45.00 Sold 9523 Item
Factory outlets
$38.00 Sold 7606 Item
White Rabbit factory direct sales Free step hand pressure dual-drive type mop rotating mop mop wholesale
$70.00 Sold 6643 Item
Snow shoe brand celebrate simple assembly
$5.80 Sold 2993 Item
Factory direct Duck duckling paragraph shall hand pressure mop dual drive-free step on rotating mop mop wholesale
$50.00 Sold 4047 Item
$52.00 Sold 1702 Item

This is a plastic basket price, stainless steel basket plus 6 yuan / sets, with kraft paper box, box carton plus 1.5 yuan

Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd., specializing in the production: mop, glue cotton mop, flat mop, broom plastic suits, sweeping machines and other cleaning equipment

One, sent Ning mop foot: There pure foot section mop main faction sent Ning Ning first- and third generation, these two belong to pure foot section, which belongs to a single drive mop, for the good God drag series inside the first two products, the price is relatively modest, suitable for gift !!

Second, the hand pressure mop free trample: pure hand-pressure models currently mop mainly sent Ning sixth generation, QQ model, love can be beautiful, Oscar eggs, ponies and other newly designed hand pressure mop, Swirling water relative intensity before the old section of the foot to be more significant, more stable quality (no previous problems the old section of the pedals)

Third, hand pressure + foot Mop: This series of products, there are six generations send Ning hand pressure + foot section, it can foot dehydration, dehydration can also be hand-pressure, dual function more use, life is more long-term.

Third, hand pressure + foot + wash Mop: This series of products, is currently the most complete generation of mop, they contain hand pressure, foot washing and dewatering several features, we can say belong versatile mop; current models are: the White Rabbit, sent Ning tenth generation, small horse, barrel which several balls are hand pressure foot all-good God drag !!

Good News !! Good News !!

Good God drag the foal has been upgraded fully upgraded, plastics upgrade disc at the interface from the original stainless steel metal interface, thus making it more durable, abrasion !!! more cost-effective than the same strong! The price, not the same quality! !!

1. thrown hand pressure water, hand lever child thrown a bucket of water thrown on the basket gently pressed 3-4, the mop head to get a clean

2 hand pressure wash mop, see li it? Slinger parts of bottled water a wash mop device, press a few dirty mop when you right hand lever transferred retractable state, put Swirling water basket drying, convenient and practical!

3. The washing solution functions (washing liquid bottle fitted with washing liquid) hand gently pressure washing liquid on to the bucket, and the bucket dumped neighborhood spot mopping washing liquid cleaner!

4. The drain function, there is no visible outlet means it? When finished mopping the floor, do not hand pour, as long as the switch is pulled to the outlet, a steady stream of dirty water flow out immediately, NA me is that simple!

5. The structure of paragraph mop imitation QQ more beautiful!

Product physical picture !!!!! Let's take a closer look at our baby it !!

High projections is mop wash apparatus Oh! Make you more convenient to clean up!

Outlet means, gently pull dirty water flowing on their own, do not have to pour. Is not very convenient ah !!!

Imitation QQ design! Is not feeling barrel both beautiful and durable ah!

Washing liquid is such a device, you can open the lid fitted white washing liquid, in this device fitted to dump bucket! Small details is pro satisfaction factor ah!

Mop disc inside the small circle can make your mop more durable oh !!!

Although the price is cheap but the mop material, but that did not save oh, we do not just mop bucket atmosphere, more importantly, cotton head is also a big one