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Good God sent Ning drag | foot mop | mop factory in Zhejiang | Zhejiang Yongkang mop

Good God sent Ning drag | foot mop | mop factory in Zhejiang | Zhejiang Yongkang mop
  • Good God sent Ning drag | foot mop | mop factory in Zhejiang | Zhejiang Yongkang mop
Product code: 25158700001
Unit price: 40-42 CNY
Reference price: 5.82-6.11 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Color: Grey Carton Size: 63 * 45.5 * 67 Size: 31 * 34 * 44
Origin: Zhejiang Price group: 40-50 yuan Category: mop mop bucket Set
Brand: Passion Ning Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade The number of cartons: 4
Time to market: 2008
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360 degree rotation magic mop mop (genuine quality, free product warranty for six months)
Good God sent Ning mop drag brand manufacturers buy one get one
Modern family, clean, clean the floor every day must do, and a good cleaning tools, both can save time, effort, and you can create a clean environment, why not? Product fully functional , excellent performance, is a cleaning tool for household use, and, and so Shiyao it? Come and buy it!
Mop mop Features:
1. Mop saving time without electricity:
2, wet and dry:
3, easy to use, clean quickly:
4, Intimate supplement package, the whole family to get a clean thing:
5, can be a machine, a full-function:
6, there are new mop dewatering device can as small dehydrator, applicable general fabrics, towels, and other small items.
(A) Super effort / saving time / more power:
Innovative concept, combined vacuum cleaner and dehydration machine design, has a strong cleaning effect of the cleaner, but also to achieve one hundred percent complete dehydration effect, not dirty your hands, do not charge physical, no electricity, simple operation, a molding, adults children are to get started.
(B) Wet and dry / very clean, no trace, security:
New dehydration unit, self-control cloth humidity, both clean, vacuum, suction effect, time-saving convenience rapid drying safer
(C) new mop head patent design, 360 degree rotation, uniform clean, easy-depth anywhere in the
Delicate surfaces Unique cloth fibers, powerful cleaning, wear-resistant bacterial and will not scratch the floor or other clean surface all kinds of
(D) Easy Move / happy more healthy:
Fully ergonomic design, significantly reduce the hands, the burden of back muscle force, muscles fatigue and will not cause bodily injury, easily in one hand, so you Mei Mei housework, fast, comfortable, more healthy
(V) Intimate supplement package, the whole family to get a clean thing
Environmental supplement package designed to replace their own cloth, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other home environment clean, one arrived ten, easy to get does not bother, save more money for you smart.
(F) a machine, a full-function:
The new device can be as small dewatering dewatering machine for general fabrics, towels, socks and other small items
Mop commodity components:
Main Product: Main mop length 124cm from 60 degree rotating mop groups: the main frame a mop, mop cloth plate 2, dehydration barrel 1.
Accessories: Assembly and Operating Instructions 1
Material: Plastic body, aluminum alloy, TPV flexible plastic, wear-resistant fiber material
Box size: 31 * 34 * 44CM Carton size: 63 * 46 * 67CM
GW / NW 16 / 14KGS 20ft: 528pcs