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Factory Direct | QQ paragraph | hand press | Free step-style | dual drive mop | mop Wholesale | Taobao a generation of fat

Factory Direct | QQ paragraph | hand press | Free step-style | dual drive mop | mop Wholesale | Taobao a generation of fat
  • Factory Direct | QQ paragraph | hand press | Free step-style | dual drive mop | mop Wholesale | Taobao a generation of fat
Product code: 25158100001
Unit price: 48-52 CNY
Reference price: 6.99-7.57 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Color: orange, blue, purple Carton Size: 63 * 45.5 * 67 Size: 50 * 29 * 27
Origin: Zhejiang Price group: 40-50 yuan Category: mop mop bucket Set
Brand: Qing Snow Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade The number of cartons: 6
Time to market: 2010

Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd., specializing in the production: mop, glue cotton mop, flat mop, broom plastic suits, sweeping machines and other cleaning equipment

One, sent Ning mop foot: There pure foot section mop main faction sent Ning Ning first- and third generation, these two belong to pure foot section, which belongs to a single drive mop, for the good God drag series inside the first two products, the price is relatively modest, suitable for gift !!

Second, the hand pressure mop free trample: pure hand-pressure models currently mop mainly sent Ning sixth generation, QQ model, love can be beautiful, Oscar eggs, ponies and other newly designed hand pressure mop, Swirling water relative intensity before the old section of the foot to be more significant, more stable quality (no previous problems the old section of the pedals)

Third, hand pressure + foot Mop: This series of products, there are six generations send Ning hand pressure + foot section, it can foot dehydration, dehydration can also be hand-pressure, dual function more use, life is more long-term.

Third, hand pressure + foot + wash Mop: This series of products, is currently the most complete generation of mop, they contain hand pressure, foot washing and dewatering several features, we can say belong versatile mop; current models are: the White Rabbit, sent Ning tenth generation, small horse, barrel which several balls are hand pressure foot all-good God drag !!

Good News !! Good News !!

QQ section Mop dehydration dual function, let the ladies do housework more convenient, reasonable design, more durable, abrasion !!! more cost-effective than the same strong! The price, not the same quality !!

Product Name: QQ models pure hand pressure mop

Main mop thick stainless steel rod length 123cm by the constitution (three sets), special cotton mop head 2, dehydration barrels a thickening, a beautiful and practical flap

Accessories: Assembly Manual 1

Material: Plastic body, stainless steel, ABS plastic, wear-resistant fiber material

Color: blue, orange

Box size: 48 * 29 * 28cm (reference)

Carton Size: 88.5 * 49.5 * 58cm (reference)
Product Weight: 2.6kg

The number of cartons: 6 sets / (box)

Contact: Zhou Gaoling

24 hours Tel: 15355308921

Sales QQ: 53762432

Companies Want: celebrate Connaught

Description matters:

On cotton head: Each comes with two cotton head, cotton head can be plus, cotton head is 3.3 yuan / month.
About Transportation: Mop relatively large size (by volume logistics fee), some remote area customers to save on shipping, customers can choose a bulk ready to 0.26 cubic cartons of six, the bulk is barrel foot flap turn water column. open back after all other customers to assemble their own. Bulk cubic 0.26 a box can hold 10 units (with pedals), or 16 (without pedals), the box additional installation. Shipment can save about half foot Free foot 100 or more than 140 available in bulk.

About Payment: support bank transfer, Alipay, does not support cash on delivery.
About customized: more than 500 colors can be customized, more than 1,000 can be OEM, can open new mold, tooling costs can all be returned after the customer sales reach a certain level based on customer requirements, specific costs can be elaborate.