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Required card lock mop | mop Picasso | scalable wring water magic magic mop

Required card lock mop | mop Picasso | scalable wring water magic magic mop
  • Required card lock mop | mop Picasso | scalable wring water magic magic mop
Product code: 25158000001
Unit price: 7.8-9.5 CNY
Reference price: 1.14-1.38 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Color: purple rod straight bar, purple rod telescopic rod, stainless steel rod straight bar, stainless steel rod telescopic rod Price segments: $ 5-10 Time to market: 2008
Item No.: JJ-TB Material: Stainless steel Origin: Yongkang
Product Category: broom Brand: Allison Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade
The number of cartons: 50

On the production of 8,000 units, can meet a variety of ways wholesale, factory price supply, to undertake wholesale business, more than 100 sets from the grant, wholesale customers can contact the treasurer advice wholesale issues.

For the majority of Amoy Friends clearer understanding of the use, the treasurer got the TV shopping video for your reference, for reference only, because the product is somewhat different, mop factory production has been improved in many places, can be seen in the following description of specific introduction

Products Figure

Mop every family has, that my mother do housework very hard, WHY? Because there is no option for tools !!!
Every time doing housework should wear gloves WHY? Because every time we have a hand to touch the already dirty cloth mop and firmly squeezed residual dirty water, especially if you also turn your strength is not big enough to quit, with the foot, stepped quit, really hard but also wipe clean the floor.

If you have completed the card lock mop super effort that we will be much more convenient! Mop only easy to use, ask you to do housework hands hit the water as long as no longer under a red flush, a wash under water, the sleeve barrel this place pulled straight, left hand side, right hand side, just like at home mom turn turn rag, like a towel, and easy and effort to turn the water mop wrung dry, as long as the down push, leave the card lock, pick-up can rub the earth.

You may think that I saw inside the store glue cotton mop is not the same as you, remember to matter within the plane of the contraction are the same, you go home ruffle ruffle mopping the floors have a rub on a line, like a horse, like Ban It is not difficult to drag the family has Zhuo stool like a child sofa, furniture, and that came across this dead Sao corner corner sofa chair you rub ruffle do not go in, they have to Bandiao, really troublesome.

The mop handy where?

Use high quality 'superfine fiber cotton open' made of steel, thoughtful design, energy-saving rotary latch post new ring design to save time, let go not rebound, round mop head 360 ° rotation without dead ends, convenient retractable telescopic comfortable, washable and wet two. Mop fabric is imported from Korea seaweed fiber cloth, dirty If you encounter a large area where a viscous oil does not matter, the same as dragging a mop to wipe this absorption effect is particularly good, and the cross Drag area, a walk is over easily you can put your home clean sweep the floor. hit Zhuo angle, horns, dead, sofa where you do not have to do it twice moved three times to move like this bristling rub. a walk over, a push-pull under the bed under the sofa and even we can give you wipe clean!

Our Product physical picture:

Super Advantage:
a, super absorbent
b, latch design, saving not rebound
c, do not touch the dirty water clean
d, microfiber cloth, detergency stronger
e, good punching good wash

1, the grip sleeve straightened up, beyond the latch to the top so far.
2, when the steel rod squeeze water right turn, left turn grip sets, easily wrung.
3, the grip sleeve is pushed down away from the latch, the mop to mop the floor spread.

Supplementary head replacement instructions:
1, cotton mop head up, fiber cloth into upright, to set up grip when pushed away from the latch.
2, when the mop fibers Jacobsson off, open the cotton, cotton openings visible fixing ring groove as packaging, opening of a fiber cloth fabric cover with both hands down Release ring groove.
3, by the fiber cloth openings visible above the purple plastic head clenched, then steel rods rotate clockwise decomposition.
4, until the fiber cloth after loose steel rod down the introduction of separate grip fabric sleeve to complete the dismantling of the action, again will complement the new cotton head down the operation in accordance with the process of dismantling the assembly back, both to complete the replacement operation.