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Fidelity Red Tornado Sweeper | Fidelity sweeping machine | vacuum cleaners | electric broom | whirlwind mop | home

Fidelity Red Tornado Sweeper | Fidelity sweeping machine | vacuum cleaners | electric broom | whirlwind mop | home
  • Fidelity Red Tornado Sweeper | Fidelity sweeping machine | vacuum cleaners | electric broom | whirlwind mop | home
Product code: 25157800001
Unit price: 43-46 CNY
Reference price: 6.26-6.69 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Forward speed: Man size: 220 * 280 * 80mm (mm)
Continuous working time: 20-30 minutes Main brush length: 5 (mm)
Custom processing: It is Drive Horsepower: 50HZ
Origin: Yongkang Types of: Clean Sweeper
Dust tank capacity: 0.5L model: JJ-SDh
Sweeping width: 250ML (mm) Cleaning method: Suck sweep combination
net weight: 1.9 / 1.8KG filter area: 1
Brand: LIUTECH / Fidelity Side brush diameter: 280 (mm)
Features :
1. Fidelity Cyclones using four clean technology, powerful rotating brushes simultaneously clean the dirt from four directions.
2. Fidelity Cyclones sweep sweeping 360-degree rotating head, easier to clean furniture and other objects that can be easily implemented on the ground.
3. Fidelity Cyclones sweep can be safely used on ceramic tiles, wood flooring, carpet, do not worry will cause damage.
4. Fidelity Cyclones sweep using extendable handle with extension rod cleaning head can be swept into inaccessible corners.
5. Fidelity Cyclones sweep designed to facilitate the use of flat machine to clean sofas, beds and other furniture underneath.
6. Fidelity Cyclones sweep can be removed, suspension, very easy collection.
7. Fidelity Cyclones sweep with a security feature, when the rotating brush entangled, the internal protector will protect the motor effect.
8. Fidelity Cyclones sweep can one-hand operation.
9. Fidelity Cyclones sweep no power cord bound, you can use anywhere.
10. Fidelity Cyclones sweep is very light, only 0.9 kg.
11. Fidelity Cyclones sweep rechargeable battery can be used without incurring additional expense of purchasing batteries.
12. Fidelity Cyclones sweep rubbish boxes can be easily removed to clean up quick and easy.
13. Fidelity Cyclones sweep using the manufacture of high-strength materials, can be more durable.
14. Fidelity Cyclones sweep that came through the European environmental requirements of high capacity rechargeable batteries (household power supply charge, with charger), easy to move.
Note: 1, do not use gasoline or neutral alcohol and other organic solvents to clean, so as not to cause cracks or discoloration.
2, cleaning rags to wring, Do not drop into the sweeper, so as not to damage the motor.


1, ultra-light weight of about 1 kg (net weight of the product), plus packaging about 1.5 kilograms, powerful rotating brushes that can simultaneously clean the dirt from four directions.

2.360 degree rotation: 360 degree rotating cleaning head, allowing you to easily clean around the furniture.

37.2V rechargeable battery: can be safely used on ceramic tile, wood flooring, carpet, do not be careful cause damage.

48 hours charging time: fully charged, can be used once for about 30 minutes, with extension rod cleaning head can be swept into inaccessible corners.

5, cordless convenience: can be removed, suspension, very easy collection.

Four brush technology: for cleaning walls and corners of the brush.

Wear-resistant materials: mats on the ground and surface cleaning effortless.

Motorized brush roll system: brush cleaning roller system can be removed, the operation  ?, easier?.

Mobile tip tray: You can easily and quickly remove dirt

  • Instructions:
    Time after the battery is fully charged:
    1, on the hard floor about 30 (35) minutes
    2, on the carpet about 20 (24) minutes. (Shaggy carpet disabled)
    3. Make sure the dust before using the cartridge is empty. In the confirmation of the machine switch in the OFF position in case the rechargeable battery is inserted into battery cassette holder, hear 'rattle' sound can be.
    4, press the switch at the top
    5, holding the handle, pushing the body naturally for cleaning. (Do not tilt the flip body when in use, so as not to refuse from the dust box poured)
    6, rotating brush is tangled, the machine will automatically stop running. At this point the power cut, wound was removed. Wait a moment reboot!
    Waste disposal:
    1, when the dust in the dust container is full, please and off the machine, the body flat on the ground. With one hand thumb index finger tight dust box lock, while the other grasping the handle Lift the body, so that the body separated from the dust box.
    2, the dust collection box of trash emptied into recyclable trash.
    3, load, dust box on the floor or other flat surface. The machine base picked up, the base position is consistent with the long cleaning brush the dust container tank pointed direction, align lock and latch Press the base hole ready for connection.
    4, if the dust box can not be reliably connected with the base and check that the motor near the base of the side there is no adsorption on small metal fragments.
  • Maintenance:
    I. Maintenance
    Period of time, four rotary sweeper cleaning brush will absorb some small trash like other particles hair, wire, etc. We recommend a brush cleaning tools we regularly clean distribution rotary cleaning brush.
    Cleaning steps:
    1, shut off the machine. Remove the battery, in order to ensure that the machine will not suddenly start country.
    2, to the position of the handle pushing two lock removing the cover.
    3, the transparent outer shell unloading direction along the handle.
    4. Do not touch the tip of the bristles clean side of the tool and avoid pricks the body.
    5. Do not clean the machine directly immersed in water, so as not to damage the motor.
    6, with the bristles cleaning tools those messy debris removal. Just simply push the blade along the axis of the past. The garbage into the trash.
    The shell loaded back into position, the lock promotion to the sides = the lock housing.
    Second, maintenance
    Regularly with a mild detergent or wet cloth to clean the body attachment.
    Cleaning tool a universal cross-age sense
  • Product Origin: China mainland
  • Product Weight: 1.55
  • 1. The body weighs only 1.16Kg
    2. Battery capacity: 900mAh
    3. Voltage: DC7.2V
    3. Charger Input voltage: 220V
    4. Chargers Frequency: 50HZ
    5. The charger output current: 200mAh
    6. The charger output voltage: DC7.5V
    Product Dimensions: Length: 29.5cm Width: 14.6cm height: 132.2cm

Full set of accessories:

Host 1, the handle 3, a charger, a rechargeable lithium battery, a clean knife (used to clear the debris attached to the broom head), Chinese manual.

Battery life: about 20 minutes

Depleted Charging time: about 6- 8 hours

Size: about 30CM * 15CM

Packaging specifications: Approximately 40CM * 33CM high 8CM * width

Weight: about 1.6 kg (including packaging weight)

common problem

Q1: clean dust container after use have nay need attention?
A︰ after each use, it is best to clean dust container, in order to achieve optimal performance. After the dust cleared the dust container, rinse with water, but must wait until completely dry before re Replacing the Wireless cleaner.

Cleaning effect Q2︰ Red Tornado's okay?
A︰ Red Tornado is a commodity with a number of exclusive patents, although only 0.9 kg, but has superior cleaning ability, it can reach the reach of many general cleaner tasks, such as: Red Tornado can sweep against furniture edges and depth below the bottom of the cleaning furniture, is any large heavy vacuum cleaner are not comparable.

Q3︰ Red Tornado applicable to those materials floor?
A︰ applicable to any material of the floor, such as: marble, blankets, carpets, vinyl, wood floors, tornadoes design with special soft bristles will not cause any harm to the floor.

Q4︰ Red Tornado can clear? Ku plow の fines receive as a guest ??
A︰ possible, Red Tornado superior general conventional vacuum cleaner can clean wet sticky food generally, even screws, small metal screw caps and the like, do not worry will cause motor damage.

Q5︰ face stairs, how to corner when the clean-up?
A︰ Red Tornado has exclusive four sides of rectangular side brush bristles and can be easily taken out of the corner of rubbish along the wall and then swept into the dust box. Furthermore Red Tornado wireless devices that may come clean to that, you Do not worry when you sweep the stairs, there is the problem of the wire is not long enough

May I ask how long this can require punching power?

Answer: about 8 hours can be filled.

May I ask how long the battery can be used after washed over?

Answer: about 30 minutes, it is recommended run out of charge (if used continuously without a break, only with ten minutes).

How long the battery life?

A: About a year