Thickening strengthen provincial version | dual drive mop hand pressure for Free step-style mop rotation mop

Thickening strengthen provincial version | dual drive mop hand pressure for Free step-style mop rotation mop

Product description:

Color: blue, pink Carton Size: 61 * 59.5 * 45 Size: 47 * 25 * 23
Origin: Zhejiang Price group: 20-30 yuan Category: mop mop bucket Set
Brand: Qing Snow Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade The number of cartons: 25
Time to market: 2013 spring

Upgrade section and the difference between ordinary paragraph:

Thick mop bucket thickness, strength naturally enhanced fell from the 50th floor will not break! Weight of each bucket weight than ordinary models more than 100 grams!

This is the price of spare parts, stainless steel basket add 6 / dollar

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Each quality specifications ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

1 whole network exclusive import plastic bucket explosion: imported plastic soft new material one-time injection molding, superior flexibility and pressure resistance to stress corrosion cold not afraid to fall, not afraid of rejection (of the explosion damaged the 50th floor dropped undertook! return shipping)

2 made of ordinary plastic bucket: imported or domestic hard plastic, need secondary processing to a molded surface stiff brittle nature winter break easily bought on the bad, do not have to buy an extremely high price !! !!.

3 whole network exclusive explosion-speed rod (26mm):.. Built-in 304 stainless steel double threaded twist axis, compact convergence smooth, rotating faster, the standard operating rate of 99% with dehydration latest smart rotary switch, life 4,000,000 times (rapid pole diameter 22mm)

4 made common rod (20mm): Built-in plastic rotary shaft, easy to wear, rotating slowly, the standard operating rate of 50% dehydration, with the old-fashioned breaking up and down button switch, the service life of 200,000 times

5 4-layer cotton thick cotton head Recommended: (life six months or more)

Water absorption is: the amount of 3 bottles of mineral water, the life of seven months or more, is not easy to hair loss, easy to clean, exclusive double thick cotton head!

6 single ordinary cotton head is not recommended: (life two months)

Water absorption is: the amount of half a bottle of mineral water, available two months, easy hair loss, is not easy to clean, 90% of the general market are single-layer cotton head

Upgrade models with corrugated base, representing an increase of a washboard, washing effect is more outstanding!

About mop head: The price of delivery default with a white mop head.

Mop head Wholesale Price: 3 yuan a (white), 3.5 yuan (purple)

Large cargo packaging (22 into a large package)

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