Double rod racks household plug clothes clothesline lift landing folding laundry hanging Landmark stainless steel manufacturers, wholesale

Double rod racks household plug clothes clothesline lift landing folding laundry hanging Landmark stainless steel manufacturers, wholesale

Product description:

Color: black, pink, blue Drying rack style: single-rod type Drying rack styles: floor retractable
Size: 160*150*42 Material: stainless steel Origin: Yong Kang
Price: 30-40 Model: QN-L1 Will the folding is not
Will the expansion: Category: drying rack Brand: celebrate snow
Trade properties: domestic + export Carton quantity: 4 Launch date: spring 2013

If you need a special size material, can be customized.

If there is cooperation there will be samples to confirm or our company product, address: Tang Xian industrial zone, Yongkang city, Zhejiang province.

Our company specializes in producing drying rack products, reliable quality and good quality, welcome new and old customers to visit us.

Celebrate snow brand rack! set questions and answers

Question: has received, but tubes or accessories sent bad what do??

Answer: as long as you want me, treasure ... Contact me. We will give you free e-mail and free replacement parts. . We are factory direct. If parts are broken. We can provide parts for free in a year ... Postage needs to take care of themselves!

Question two: I assembled it. Install shakes as it cannot use it?? What to do??

Answer two: If you have this. 99% install base may be inserted in the end. . You can reassemble it once. Or contact us. We will personally teach you how to assemble. Not again. We will call you to dialogue with you. You packed ... (We of hanger, main is to everyone provides clothes of need, so, we guarantee quality, but we cannot guarantee no any swing, because this not sports devices, so if you think swing degree is big words, recommends you select addition a: this hanger also will has swing, recommends you according to you itself needs and set, you impossible buy to not swing of airing hanger of!)

Question three: what are your hanger material? is the size number?

Solution three: our racks are stainless steel composite material

Dimensions are long and 155CM wide and 45CM high 90-160CM

Question four: what your racks have quality guarantee?
Solution four: we have joined consumer protection! you can rest assured.

Question five: your drying rack can be cheaper?

Answers to six: Pro, our racks, is already a factory direct lowest prices, we wholesale to small commodity market prices. So shopkeepers provisions do not bargain do not-mail, please forgive me, don't embarrass our customer service, our company provides, without prices, customer service to give you money!

Question six: Treasurer, when shipping you Ah?
Answers: the Pro! we are 1-2 delivery in the afternoon, ordered goods in the evening, we were shipped on the afternoon of the next day!

Question seven: a few days can it?
Answer: Jiangsu, 1-2 days, about 3-4 days in the provinces and remote areas for a week or so.

Sometimes special circumstances, you may want to delay, we cannot be left, so if you are experiencing, please forgive me, and we actively cooperate with!

If you have questions or contact us directly to bad reviews. Dispensers will be very sad ... Negative feedback is not the point in this simple, also affect our overall favorable rate!!! Therefore once again urge you to hold! help you for everything, not contact directly the difference in assessment of peers we no longer service.