Wholesale | celebrate Connaught double layer 7 shoe | shoe | Simple shoe rack | Great shoe | cloth shoe | a generation of fat

Wholesale | celebrate Connaught double layer 7 shoe | shoe | Simple shoe rack | Great shoe | cloth shoe | a generation of fat

Product description:

Installation: The Landmark type Material: Non-woven Origin: Yongkang
Price group: 50-60 yuan Weight: 3KG Number of floors: 7 layers
Specifications: 90 * 30 * 100 Scope: change of clothes, books and magazines, bags, shoes, sundries Product Category: Shelf
Brand: Qing Snow Trade property: Domestic + Foreign Trade The number of cartons: 10
Time to market: 2013 summer

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Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd. specializing in the production of home appliances, mainly include: mop series, simple shoe, simple wardrobe and other best-selling consumer market, among consumers enjoy higher status, with many retailers and agents established long-term stable cooperative relations. Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd. household goods distribution, variety, reasonable prices. Yongkang celebrate Connaught Ltd. strength, credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, multi- variety of operating characteristics and puerile principle, won the trust of our customers.

Product name; 7 double thick layer non-woven shoe shoe

Spacer fabric color random match if you mind, please pass silently

Single Weight: 3KG

Packaging: 10 a box

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