There AFP Information HP HP HP10BII + Financial Planning Financial Calculators hp10b2 hp10b

There AFP Information HP HP HP10BII + Financial Planning Financial Calculators hp10b2 hp10b

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: HP / Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: 10bII
  • Color Classification: Calculator + Case + CD + data backup battery
  • Type: Multifunctional solar-type
  • Screen material: LCD
  • Maximum screen display digits: 12 digits
  • Adapter Battery Type: button cell

Buy Jisong Package:

1, Get a special holster (Official standard)

2, Get information on a CD-ROM (Including APF, AFP, CFA, financial data.

3, Get a spare battery section 1.

5, National free shipping . (Tibet, not range in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and overseas, SF Express and EMS not free shipping)

Introduction The following financial information, including AFP, CFP, CFA, financial eBooks data.

Professionals and students of the ideal, easy to use design to quickly provide business, financial and statistical calculations.

  • International financial planner CFP, national financial planners ChFP official only designated machine, write textbooks
  • CCIM Real Estate Investment Analyst exam only designated machine
  • Financial Planner AFP, Certified Financial Planner RFP, insurance and financial planners RFC, wealth management division CWM, insurance and financial planners IFP test specified by machine


Easy to learn and use

  • Dedicated keys give you quick access to common financial and statistical functions
  • Retention HP 10bII Operation, while adding 10 Types of financial and statistical calculations

Operation fast, powerful

  • Applicable to the financial, commercial and statistics calculations, powerful
  • Use up 12 View digit precision arithmetic result
  • The process can get results immediately, without waiting for complex calculations
  • In memory can store up to register 22 Numbers, for subsequent use

Adaptation needs examination

  • SAT , PSAT / NMSQT And the College Board AP (Advanced Placement) test
  • Ideal for the exam: Intuitive keyboard layout, simply tap a few times, you can use a variety of commonly used functions

You can meet the development needs of an ideal investment

  • Applicable to many subjects, from business, finance, accounting, real estate and banking to mathematics, science and statistics
  • Similar products, the first to support the probability distribution function calculator: Often used in many introductory statistics courses
  • HP's legendary quality and reliability, allowing you to sit back and relax

Classic, familiar design

  • Fashion sturdy metal screen frame, there is a protective effect
  • Click the button to rotate to ensure the accuracy of each step


  • Now, you can choose your favorite entry system logic: Algebra or Algebra chain


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