Combination wrench sets 2008

Combination wrench sets 2008

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Explosion sets of wrenches combination wrenches are commonly used in the machine shop after processing is completed, will conduct a series of test appearance quality inspection: Wrench surface should not have cracks, burrs and obvious cracks, cuts, scale and other defects, Dimensional inspection should be straight shank: wrench dimensions shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB4388 and GB4389 two standard tolerances opening and spanner wrench holes shall comply with the provisions of GB4390 standards.
Product Specifications: 6 sets, 9 sets, 11 sets, 13 sets with reasonable design, stable structure, high material density, strong anti-strike capability, not fold, constantly, bend, high dimensional accuracy and durability. and so on. for explosive gas areas of tools, made of aluminum bronze, beryllium copper alloy is widely used in petroleum, chemical, and other potential fire and explosion hazard environment, but also good mechanical maintenance machinery manufacturing will essential special tools. These two qualities can play explosion function, and which beryllium alloy products can also play a shielded functions currently in the domestic production, sales, distribution of explosion-proof tools to the material distinction can be divided into two categories: 1. aluminum-copper alloy (commonly known as aluminum bronze) Explosion-proof tools, specific materials based on high purity copper matrix by adding an appropriate amount of aluminum, nickel, manganese, iron and other metals, copper-based alloy composition 2. Beryllium copper alloy (commonly known as beryllium bronze) proof tools, specific materials based on high purity copper matrix by adding an appropriate amount of beryllium, nickel and other metals, copper-based alloy composition. These two thermally conductive properties of materials are very good sets of double-headed Plum headed wrench wrench sets

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