Open barrel wrench 2009

Open barrel wrench 2009

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Explosion open barrel wrench handle constituted by one at both ends Jieyou a plane configuration, the plane became open barrel wrench piece Material: beryllium copper and aluminum bronze as the raw material, the general size of 350mm, may be drawing processing Uses: mainly used open barrels of oil refining and petrochemical industries with a wrench specifications: single head 300mm, 3502mm headed for explosive gas areas of the tool, made of aluminum bronze, beryllium alloys are widely used in petroleum, chemicals, etc. potential fire and explosion hazard environment, but also good mechanical machinery essential for the maintenance tool. These two qualities can play explosion-proof function, and where beryllium alloy products also . play Magnetically shielded feature is currently in domestic production, sales and distribution of explosion-proof tools to distinguish the material can be divided into two categories: 1. aluminum-copper alloy (commonly known as aluminum bronze) Explosion-proof tools, specific materials based on high purity copper as matrix adding an appropriate amount of aluminum, nickel, manganese, iron and other metals, copper-based alloy composition. 2. beryllium copper alloy (commonly known as beryllium bronze) proof tools, specific materials based on high purity copper matrix by adding an appropriate amount of beryllium, nickel and other metals, composed of copper based alloys. These two thermally conductive properties of materials are very good

Universal open barrel wrench

Product code 20092009A


L (mm)


Single-head 300


Double 350


Universal 380