Universal open barrel wrench 2009A

Universal open barrel wrench 2009A

Product description:

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Universal open barrel wrench beryllium and aluminum bronze as the raw material, due to the copper alloy is relatively soft compared to other physical properties of the alloy, at the time of impact or friction sparks do not occur very suitable for manufacture of explosive, flammable, magnetic and security tools under erosive use. universal open barrel wrench is widely used in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, paint industry, coal, fertilizer industry, oil, natural gas chemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and all kinds of LPG vehicles , aircraft, operating inflammable and explosive materials warehouses, electrolysis plant, requiring tools not rust, wear anti- magnetic places Specifications :. 380mm open barrel wrench

Product code 20092009A


L (mm)


Single-head 300


Double 350


Universal 380