Dual shovel 2072A

Dual shovel 2072A

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Shovel dual name suggests, with the shovel handle using a special connection, join the shaft so that the handle can be adjusted forward and backward directions, using up more handy. Is one of the essential tools Explosion Explosion shovel tool also includes a square shovel, flat shovel, a sharp shovel, coal shovels and other materials : aluminum bronze alloy wooden handle size (mm):.. 190 * 215
This product is a proof tool is made ​​of beryllium copper and aluminum bronze. Beryllium contain a certain amount of nickel does not produce sparks by the impact, take advantage of this wonderful nature, can produce oil, mining, gas and other industry -specific chisels, hammers, drills and other explosion-proof shovel, shovel tip -proof, explosion- square shovel, explosion-proof tool is a special security special tools, the use of copper as the substrate material in the multi-element made ​​of non-ferrous metals, and some products are specifically designed for in. so for use, maintenance, storage and transportation has certain requirements. only by fully understanding, a reasonable selection, proper use and care of it, in order to give full play to its various performance benefits. tip shovel shovel large coal shovel square

Product Code 2072A


Lmm * Amm