Hand pressure pump 2010

Hand pressure pump 2010

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Hand pressure pump, also known as bar -type pump, including the bar, plunger, tubing, cylinder, valve and pump tubing, which includes pumping the plunger rod and a piston rod disposed in pumping pistons made ​​of nylon , pumping up and down the rod and a piston displacement limit stop mechanism of the hand pressure pump pistons made ​​of nylon material, good sealing performance, so as to solve the conventional hand pump to pump the thinner medium not completely - bananas, water, acetic acid butyl and other types of problems, and excellent corrosion resistance; when the contact portion of the piston and the cylinder due to wear and tear caused by the sealing performance, it can be removed for repair or replacement of hand pressure pump is generally divided into ordinary hand pressure pump. explosion hand pressure pump and two, respectively, can be selected according to different occasions using ordinary hand pressure pump material is generally cast iron, generally applicable to a variety of common situations; explosion hand pressure pump made ​​of aluminum bronze alloy, beryllium alloys, especially for flammable chemical properties. hand pump

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