Needle-nose pliers 2061

Needle-nose pliers 2061

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Needle-nose pliers ( tip pliers ) Alias ​​: repair mouth Ticks, Long Nose Pliers It is composed of the tip, blade and clamp handle composition, electrician on the set of needle nose pliers clamp handle has a rated voltage of 500V insulated the sleeve is a commonly used tool clamp material: beryllium copper and aluminum bronze to use as a raw material mainly used to cut smaller diameter single strand and multi-strand wire, as well as to a single strand of wire connectors bend circle, peel plastic insulation layer, etc., can work in a relatively small space operation without pinching edge can only work with those who can edge scissors cut small parts, it is the electrician (especially inside electrician ), instrumentation and telecommunications equipment, etc. assembly and repair work of one of the tools commonly used tools commonly used needle nose pliers works is a typical use of leverage one tool for general use right-handed operation, the use of needle-nose pliers to hold the two handles and began blessing or cut work when not in use needle-nose pliers, should be coated with anti-rust lubricating oil to prevent rust, or fulcrum astringent. Do not pay attention to when using edge to her, so as not to hurt round nose pliers flat nose pliers

Product Code 2061-2062