Nipple hammer 2056

Nipple hammer 2056

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Explosion-proof nipple hammer in some places, also known as explosion-proof ball peen hammer, a hand tool products, you can use other iron products to tap into other objects, or a fixed role.
Explosion-proof nipple hammer is a hammer products, mainly used for fixed daily production and maintenance of the role of other tools products, because different materials can be used in some special safety requirements for more stringent workplace, and has played a important role in role for the petroleum industry, the petrochemical industry, the gas industry, electrical industry, military, manufacturing, mining and mining workplace use explosion-proof nipple hammer is necessary because these workplaces is easy due to the routine maintenance of sparks caused by accidents Therefore in these establishments should be to improve the safety factor in the use of explosion-proof nipple hammer.
General production of explosion-proof nipple hammer copper alloy after casting and then forming finely processed into finished products using a truly rough use which will go through a series of process flow, before casting model requires very strict, with the proportion of the alloy more is a technical requirement, workshop staff streamlined the product fine processing is indispensable, then the product surface treated to achieve the standard, recently installed to handle the product before they become finished products for factory sales.
Currently hammer nipple explosion on the domestic market as the representative of all the proof tool products are aluminum-copper alloy and beryllium copper alloy material is represented by two products, both of which qualities according to different working environment serves the needs of customers requirements, Explosion-proof nipple hammer absolute quality reached the standard requirements of the country.
Explosion-proof nipple hammer generally have the following specifications for the election: 0.230.340.440.680.911.131.35 (KG), corresponding to the international standard pounds (P): 0.50.7511.522.53 (P), believe that these specifications to meet our customers and friends their needs.
In addition to the hammer nipple explosion of options, there are other similar products: octagonal hammer, mechanical hammer, claw hammer, hammer test, rust hammer, German Sledge Hammer, from the hammer, for the different needs of customers or friends to buy the company produced. Explosion Hammer products are used advanced fiber handle, use superior to similar products ordered.
Although the explosion-proof nipple hammer tool products, but we have to carry out routine maintenance of such products, the use of explosion-proof nipple hammer products for more than 10 times the tap should stop working, and then the removal of surface oil Sledge Hammer. Used up After the surface of the explosion-proof nipple hammer should be kept clean, and then left to dry in places placement. Claw Hammer Sledge Hammer

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