Rust hammer 2055

Rust hammer 2055

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I produced proof tool materials with beryllium copper and aluminum bronze as the raw material, beryllium copper alloy, aluminum bronze alloy spark does not occur on impact or friction, it is very suitable for manufacture in the explosive, flammable, magnetic and erosive security tools used BeA-20C alloy to withstand 6.5-10 % methane in oxygen or air containing 30% oxygen in 561IJ impact energy, the impact of 20 times, neither of sparks and burning main scope is : petroleum refining and petroleum chemical industry, stove ore, oil, natural gas chemical industry, powder industry, chemical industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, a variety of pharmaceutical industry. oil wheel and LPG vehicles, aircraft, operating inflammable and explosive materials warehouses, electrolysis workshop, communications machine assembly plant, requiring tools not rust, wear anti- magnetic places. model complete, welcome. from hammer hammer rust

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