Pliers 2060

Pliers 2060

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Ticks: electrician commonly used hand tools, pliers coated with an insulating protective cover on the handle, is mainly used to cut the wire or wire.
Also known as wire cutters, electrical pliers and other names, because of the different regions and the name will be different, this is an everyday work tool products pliers frequently used, the use of such tools for daily life in some maintenance work from the important role.
Explosion pliers Common pliers with different, because it is a special workplace use of the work product, its particularity materials played a key role in the industry for special staff to use complete special maintenance work. When using pliers explosion in flammable, explosive and other special workplace, not because of the pinch-off wire, pull out iron, hitting other objects and generate mechanical sparks caused by security incidents, So pliers explosion is a perfectly safe fitter Tools products.
Explosion pliers is made of copper and other rare metals forming an alloy casting, and then after a series of processing to be our friends, to our customers finished products, such products due to the special nature of the material leaving the products have explosion-proof features.
Explosion pliers is generally made of two materials products: aluminum-copper alloy and beryllium copper alloy, these two qualities at the same time can play the function of explosion, which also has shielded beryllium product features (for applications that require more strict workplace). Needle-nose pliers Diagonal pliers

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