Reversing ratchet wrench 2040B

Reversing ratchet wrench 2040B

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Explosion-proof ratchet wrench is a tool for manual tension screws, the type of single and double standard of living and other models, is set by the main clubs of different sizes and from Plum Plum cover by a hinged cover two key female key and engaging way to connect the male key made. Explosion refining ratchet wrench is made of copper alloy, copper alloy due to the special physical properties (ie without carbon and good thermal conductivity), so that the ratchet wrench and mechanical parts friction or impact When heat is absorbed rapidly and conducting open, and copper itself is relatively soft compared to other non-ferrous metals, have a good compromise between friction and impact, difficult to produce small metal particles, so we could barely see the sparks, thus Explosion-proof ratchet wrench is also called non-sparking ratchet wrench, change wrench sets since one plum plum-shaped through-hole having two specifications, so that it can be used for both standard screw tightness, thereby expanding the scope of use, saving raw materials and working hours costs. activity can trigger a timely and easily adjust the angle using the wrench. This wrench can be used to screw the elastic operation, with strong applicability, ease of operation and low cost, etc. (Related Product crowbar ratchet wrench, ratchet wrench commutation )

Product Code 2040-2040B


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