Lever ratchet wrench 2040A

Lever ratchet wrench 2040A

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Lever ratchet wrench is an explosion-proof tools for manual tension screws, there are single and double first class specifications for various models, is made up of the main clubs of different sizes and both from a plum plum by yin of the articulated key keys and Yang Jian of biting way connected. Explosion-proof ratchet wrench is by copper alloy refining and into, due to copper alloy of special physical performance (that not containing carbon and thermal conductivity performance good), makes ratchet wrench and mechanical parts friction or impact Shi produced of heat was quickly absorption and the conduction from, and copper itself relative other nonferrous metals for compared soft, friction and impact Shi has is good of concession sex, easily produced tiny metal particles, so we almost see not to Sparks, so explosion-proof ratchet wrench and called no sparks ratchet wrench, Modified a wrench as a plum with two specifications of plum-shaped holes, so that it can be used in two sizes of screws loose, thereby expanding the scope of use, saving the costs of raw materials and work. Adjustable pull handle can be quickly and easily adjusted wrench use perspective. Wrench can be used to screw tight operation, with strong applicability, ease of operation and low cost advantages (the lever ratchet wrench, reverse ratchet wrench) ratchet wrench

Product code 2040-2040B


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