Hand oil pump 2099

Hand oil pump 2099

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Hand pump features: hand measurement added pump products, with China oil industrial traffic transport development need by production of, the pump has volume small, weight light, structure compact, mobile convenient, operation simple, using security, just a people operation, with hand reciprocating shake handles, can continuous out oil, the pump device is vertical (LF) 25mm oil table (measurement table), (pointer can back zero) available at 1 o'clock refueling gun installation in skin tube export at up switch role, avoid stop work Shi skin tube product oil waste.
This pump can transport the oil, beverage and other media, is widely used in chemical industry, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, dyestuffs chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, medicine, food and other departments. Apply to both small and medium oil and oil depot, gas station, farm machinery station, enterprises, institutions, fleet, vehicles ships transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, the ideal instrument for light fuel oil

Product code number 2099