Claw Hammer 2057

Claw Hammer 2057

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Claw hammer is shaped like a claw hammer. Beat object to move or deform. The most common knock nails, correction or knocking the object.
Explosion claw hammer is a hand tool, hand tools, such particularity lies in its use of materials and sites. Explosion-proof hammer is a tool suitable for use in flammable, explosive and other dangerous workplace. Claw Hammer based alloy processing, carried out after casting forming after processing, product processing finely ground, finished product after treatment can meet customer requirements.
Usage: nail, hammer hit the nail cap should be flat, so that the nail vertically into the wood, when pulling nails, pieces of wood in the claw of the pad should enhance the pull force should not be prying tool claw hammer when used, should pay attention to hammering intact smooth surface to prevent slipping hammer nails flying or wounding.
Material: beryllium copper, aluminum bronze
Specifications (kg):
Suitable for: oil and gas transportation, petrol stations, natural gas, gas stations, power plants, magnetic field, leather, chemicals, coal, electrical classes and other special explosion-proof tools, special tools, explosion-proof combination package
Explosion claw hammer is the Shank be sold, depending on the customer needs to supply, demand for only a hammer claw hammer unit we will also supply Explosion hammer shank can be fixed after poured hammer handle, so you can allows users to use assured safe operation. octagonal hammer hammer nipple

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