large waterproof storage bags

large waterproof storage bags

Product description:

Product Description

large waterproof storage bags for your trip to do the water ready, it is easy to use, plenty of space, the bag

waterproof material, sealed fusion, high strength and durable protection, diving, rafting, boat, wherever they can be


1.large waterproof storage bags is used the waterproof material PVC&TPU, which can keep your gear clean and dry.

2.The pvc waterproof duffel bag can hold clothing, electronics, paper documents, etc.

3.It is easy to take, easy to use.

4.When you want to have a trip, you can take the pvc waterproof duffel bag.

5.It is durable, simple, fasion.

6.It is suitable for many people, the men, the women, the student and so on.

Product name: large waterproof storage bags

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-C038

Material: 500D PVC mesh

Color : yellow, blue, black

Use : travelling/ boating 100% waterproof

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