waterproof bag for travelling

waterproof bag for travelling

Product description:

Product Description

sealock waterproof duffel bag for your trip to do the water ready, it is easy to use, plenty of space, the bag

waterproof material, sealed fusion, high strength and durable protection, diving, rafting, boat, wherever they can be


1.Generally black duffel bags are the prime choice of the people; they are available in various shapes and sizes. Duffel bags give you immense choices; you can choose them according to your storage and travel needs.

2. Duffel bags are available in various styles which include carry-on, Garment duffel bag, laptop, rolling, sport, equipped with adjustable straps, and upright.

3. Duffel bags are an ideal choice for road traveling; if you travel frequently then these are quite useful.

4.The bags are provided with zipper pockets, where you can keep tickets, books, keys and other things that you often need.

5.The retractable handles provided in the bags make your travel easy and convenient.

6.Many times you can get a bag that serves versatile options; it can be converted into a laptop case. Perfect for the ones who often goes for business trips and occasional family trips.

7.Select a bag that has a good lining, it will help with protecting the primary material from stains.

Product name: waterproof bag for travelling

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-C038

Material: PVC mesh 500D

Color : yellow, blue, black

Use : kayaking, boating 100% waterproof

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