waterproof travel duffel bag

waterproof travel duffel bag

Product description:

Product Description

sealock waterproof duffel bag for your trip to do the water ready, it is easy to use, plenty of space, the bag

waterproof material, sealed fusion, high strength and durable protection, diving, rafting, boat, wherever they can be


1, waterproof travel bag easily to fold and open, convenient to carry with the handle

2, carry clothes, or others to camp site and everything you like

3, durable waterproof and lightweight enough

4, high quality and 100% waterproof

5, good design for promotional with logo

6, can be changed into the color you like

7, if you wanna make it with any other material, we can replace as you request

Product name: waterproof travel duffel bag

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-C038

Material: 500DPVC mesh

Color : yellow, blue, black

Use : travelling / kayaking 100% waterproof

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