waterproof strong hiking backpacks bag

waterproof strong hiking backpacks bag

Product description:

Product Description

waterproof strong hiking backpacks bag,material is 500D PVC mesh, waterproof zipper, has the very good waterproof function, suitable for the people who like outdoor sports , is also very suitable for students to go to school and to work with going to work , so no matter it rains , snow , you won't worry about the items in the backpack!

1.The waterproof hiking backpack is used the waterproof material PVC, which can reach a waterproof effect.

2.When you want to go out on a raining day, you can take the hiking bag go out, it can keep your gear clean and dry.

3The hiking bag is strong, durable.

4.It can hold the clothes, electronic, books and ect.

5.The hiking is very suitable for hiking, camping, traveling and ect.

Product name: waterproof strong hiking backpacks bag

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-E010

Size: 45L it can be customized according to your request

Material: PVC mesh 500D

Color : yellow, blue, black, grey

Use : hiking, camping 100% waterproof

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