PVC Waterproof Iphone bag for samsung

PVC Waterproof Iphone bag for samsung

Product description:

Product Description

The PVC Waterproof Iphone bag for samsung protects your phone up to 6 feet underwater so if you are diving or in the shower, bring your phone. . . it's protected. If you are hiking, rapelling, rock climbing, or knee deep in mud, your phone is protected with the waterproof case. Drop your phone? No problem with waterproof . It's shock resistant up to 6 feet. There is extra padding on the corners to add another layer of protection to the polycarbonate case.

1. waterproof plastic material made by 100% PVC

2.Soft jacket does not affect the operation of camera functionality and variety of protective effects on the camera.

3.offer the best protection with unique sealing arrangement in any water place

4.conveniently to access and remove

5.Waterproof case design is suitable for swimming, spa, snorkeling or surfing sport, enjoy the happiness of camera in the water.

6.lt is worth mentioning that the unique design to ensure the range and the bottom of continuous use

Product name: PVC Waterproof Iphone bag for samsung

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-G018

Material: PVC

Color : pink , yellow, blue, black

Use : for outdoor water sports 100% waterproof