Inflatable PVC waterproof camera pouch

Inflatable PVC waterproof camera pouch

Product description:

Product Description

Inflatable PVC waterproof camera pouch, protect your camera, when you in the sea, good for promotional gift and using.

1.Easily protect camera, just twist open knobs for sealing out water, sand and dust.

2.Floats safely if dropped in the water

3.Adjustable neck cord with spring loaded clip

4.Great for traveling, hiking, at the beach, boating, and many more water filded activities.

5.Perfect for outdoor activities: Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Canoeing, Water-Theme Park, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Off-shore work, Raining days out-door work etc

Product name: Inflatable PVC waterproof camera pouch

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-G026

Size: 14*8 (This style have three size)

Material: PVC

Color : yellow, blue, black, grey

Use : swimming / diving 100% waterproof

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