waterproof pouch for carry notebook

waterproof pouch for carry notebook

Product description:

Product Description

waterproof pouch to protect your mobile phone cameras and other belongings, it can let you enjoy playing in the water!

Sealock waterproof bag and waterproof pouch is 100% waterproof, material uses PVC or TPU (environment friendly) , and characteristic of soft and low temperature endurance. Material is EN-71 tested and is suitable for use in Europe, Asia and all countries. Manufacturing with heat sealing technique products are waterproof, dustproof, staticproof. Products can be use in sailing, diving, boating, fishing, mountain climbing, camping, outdoors, river rafting, and etc. Also suitable to use with controlling devices while working underwater or during raining weather. sealock waterproof phone bag, MP3 bag, camera bag can let you answer all calls, listen to MP3 or watch MP4 while you are swimming or take photo underwater, it is a good accessories for all outdoors and diving fans. Sealock uses the best waterproof sealing system with bag positioning, user friendly turn locking function to seal the bag, providing maximum waterproof protection for your phone, MP3, camera and etc. waterproof bag are able to store stuff like mobile phone, watches, digital camera, MP3, PDA, keys, wallet, spectacle, towel, sun-block and cosmetic, ID cards, credit cards, name cards, paper and pen. Together with the all weather usable lanyard the waterproof bag is carry and go product.

Product name: waterproof pouch for carry notebook

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-G041

Material: PVC

Color : pink , yellow, blue, black

Use : For water sports 100% waterproof

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