waterproof cases for Iphone5 with TPU

waterproof cases for Iphone5 with TPU

Product description:

Product Description

The best part is you can still use your iPhone while it is in the waterproof iphone5 case! The clear protective silicon cover supports the full iPhone screen and call functionality, so you can watch videos, answer email, send texts and use apps without ever leaving the water. It also protects against sand at the beach

•This Waterproof iPhone Case offer a safe haven for your digital gadgets whenever you need to jump in the water

•15m waterproof underwater

•Good waterproof protective effect allowing you to use it under rain, snow or other similar circumstance

•Tightness and mechanical strength bring your iPhone with excellent care

•Dust and fingerprint resistant

Product name: samsung galaxy S3 I9300 waterproof case

Brand name : sealock

Model number:

Size: suitable samsung S3 9300 (it can be customized according to your request)

Material: PVC

Color : yellow, blue, white, red

Use : swimming / diving 100% waterproof