best waterproof camera case

best waterproof camera case

Product description:

Product Description

Waterproof camera case is the new generation waterproof bag for camera, mobile phone, purse and so on items. It has feature of waterproof, dustproof ward and sand proof, rain and snow proof. It is suitable for outdoor, beach, swimming pool, and under water outdoor activities will good protect your all items, makes you enjoy the fun. It is a necessary standard equipment for out door activities.

1) It remains watertight up to 10 meters under the water, please pay attention the maximum depth is15 metres

2) Transparent design for underwater picture time

3) Naturally floats on water

4) Materials: PVC & ABS clip

5) Waterproof, dust-proof, sand-proof and shock-proof

6) Special design and suitable for swimming, spa, climbing, fishing, sailing or surfing sport

7) It also fits for hot spring, spa, Jacuzzi, sauna

8) Gives your camera or other water sports protection from water, sand, mud, dust and snow

Product name: best waterproof camera case

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-A001

Size: 16*11 (it can be customized according to your request)

Material: PVC

Color : yellow, blue, black, grey

Use : swimming / diving 100% waterproof