PVC black waterproof cell phone case

PVC black waterproof cell phone case

Product description:

Product Description

This waterproof iphonecase is specially designed to protect your iPhone and also fit similar sized Smart Phone, iPod or

MP3/MP4 Players. It is the ultimate hybrid of waterproof case and sports armband. It has a unique shape and

specialized materials which make your iPhone securely gripped on your arm whether you're swimming, diving.

camping, boating, fishing, kiteboarding, or any other water sports. With the convenience of an adjustable fastener it

can help you find a secure and comfortable fit in your arm. Meanwhile, this sport armband protects your mobile

phone from bumps, scratches, sand, dust when you get down to these activities. Thus, whether you are

deciding take your iPhone to go to the beach, pool side, stormy weather or other outdoor activities. This is the

best option available for protecting your iphone