The newest TPU waterproof case for ipad

The newest TPU waterproof case for ipad

Product description:

Product Description

waterproof cases for ipad is the best size to carry your ipad! This soft thin case with clear windows front allows you to operate the ipad while it is still inside and protected from water, moisture, dust, sand and dirt. Sounds and signals pass right through the case, so you can talk while the ipad is still protected. The case can also be used for other small electronic devices.

1, waterproof case for ipad is fit for it very much

2, carry ipads, durable waterproof and lightweight

3, high quality TPU or PVC, 100% waterproof

4, good idea for promotional with logo

5, choose the color you like

6, customize logo

7, add or reduce the accessories as you like

Product name: waterproof case for ipad

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-A056

Material: TPU

Color : orange, yellow, black

Use : swimming / diving 100% waterproof