best waterproof laptop case

best waterproof laptop case

Product description:

Product Description

best waterproof laptop case is a perfect design to wear and super waterproof fabric, fused from, which is a 100% waterproof the messenger bag and put it into the laptop can be waterproof protection it comes from sealock outdoor gear

1.the waterproof laptop bag is used the waterproof material PVC, which can reach a waterproof effect. can keep your laptop clean and dry, safety.

3.when you want to go out, you can take it. is easy to wipe clean.

Product name: best waterproof laptop case

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-H018

Size: 14'

Material: PVC mesh 500D

Color : yellow, blue, black, grey

Use : for carry your laptop 100% waterproof

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