Oni Czech men and women anti-fog and haze outdoor riding hooded fleece hat warm wind and dust hoods scarf CS cheek

Oni Czech men and women anti-fog and haze outdoor riding hooded fleece hat warm wind and dust hoods scarf CS cheek

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: oni Jie
  • Item No: E802
  • Time to market: Winter 2013
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 148.00
  • Color Category: Black Skull Adult Adult Adult black anchor blue icing and blue ice cream adult children time and space debris blue gray geometry adult children adult anchor Rose Rose thickened Mayan skull adult zebra gray beige monster adult children thickening Rose Alhambra Ludwig adult blue adult blue thickened thickened Mayan skull Alhambra Ludwig thickened adult blue bubble fish green Bohemian children adult thick gray gray houndstooth thickening adult children Alhambra Ludwig thick black and blue He-Man and the Masters of the Universe adult black thick snow Zhichun letter Mayan skull small black child genius adult gray thick snow Zhichun letter Edelweiss Rose thickened adult adult gray-blue totem
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Size: S M

We recommended to choose:

S pier around 58 cm, suitable for general Smaller head circumference adult girls and children under 10 years of age

M wharf around 60 cm, suitable for general Adults and children 10 years of age

Note: Because the adults and children of head circumference in fact not much different, other flexible fabric of this product, the choice can not very tight, then select the mind, it is only when the jacket to wear will feel, use a second after can adapt In fact, there are tight effect will be more warm.

"Be applicable"

For motorcycles, electric cars, cycling, real CS game, skiing, hiking, sports and the like; and when the wind and cold to work on the fall and winter seasons, outdoor recreation play and so on.


1, Many wear method: caps, CS mask, scarf, hats, scarves, decorative collar cap and so on;

2, Using 280g superfine fleece, thermal effect is very good; but also soft and comfortable, using short fiber fabric, elastic, can not ball, no smell;

3, In the cold when you can wrap the whole face, or it can be pulled down, pulled his chin or nose (may vary based on actual usage), the lower part of the velvet collar can be sealed to prevent cold wind to enter, warm the effect is very good. in addition, can also be used as decorative collar sweater style used with different clothes very beautiful, is home travel must yield.

Features introduced

This caught balaclavas OUR original patented product, this cap design process to fully consider the beauty and warmth of the hat two functions, and made a lot of changes in the structure of the hat, the hat fully extend the usefulness of such this cap along with a hat, scarf, face protection, ear protection, and other decorative collar, very practical, stylish and beautiful, fashionable, whether you are cycling, outdoor, mountaineering, casual all must yield.

The catch balaclavas fashionable and rich colors, beautiful, beauty for people with different types of clothing to use, different colors can be used with different effects, the pro! I look amazing shape.

Selective attention:

Children under 8 years of age, children select models.

Children over 8 years old, has been close to the adult head size, choose the adult section.