waterproof sling bag

waterproof sling bag

Product description:

Product Description

waterproof sling bag

Completely waterproof sling bags is a perfect design to wear and super waterproof fabric, fused from, which is a 100% waterproof the messenger bag and put it into the laptop can be waterproof protection - it comes from sealock

1.the waterproof laptop bag is used the waterproof material PVC&TPU, which can reach a waterproof effect.

2.it can keep your laptop clean and dry, safety.

3.when you want to go out, you can take it.

4.it is easy to wipe clean.

Product name: waterproof sling bag

Brand name : sealock

Model number: SL-H011

Size: 14 (it can be customized according to your request)

Material: TPU

Color : yellow, blue, black, grey

Use : carry the laptop for you 100% waterproof