polyester needle felt\filter bag

polyester needle felt\filter bag

Product description:

1. PET needle felt is made of PET staple fiber by needling process. The
surface of this product is neat and smooth after certain finish treatment such as
heat setting, singeing, calendaring or coating. It has the advantages of large
porosity, high air-permeability, long working life, low price etc. It is an ideal filter
medium under normal temperature in areas of solid-liquid separation and
gas-solid separation and widely used in steel industry, non-ferrous metal.
chemistry industry, cement and foodstuff etc.

2. The specifications of polyester filter bag and nonwoven needle felt:
material Polyester fiber
Weight (g/ m2) 500±10
Thickness (mm) 1.62~1.66
Width (m) ≤2.15
air-permeability (m3/ m2/ min) 15
breakingstrength (N/ 5*20cm) warp ) 1000 weft ) 1100
breaking elongation (%) warp (35 weft (40
continuous working temperature (℃) ≤130
instant working temperature (℃) 150
acid resistance excellent
alkali resistance good
Abrasion resistance excellent
finish treatment singeing, calendaring, heat setting

Remark: Quotation is for per square meter