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Fiberglass needle felt\Filter bag

Fiberglass needle felt\Filter bag
  • Fiberglass needle felt\Filter bag
  • Fiberglass needle felt\Filter bag
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1. Fiberglass needle felt is a new style high temperature filter cloth of
rational composition and excellent property, made of 100% fiberglass by
needling. It not only possesses the advantages of high temperature, corrosion
resistance, fit stability, powerful strength, but also has high filter efficiency , up
to 99%, because of its three-dimensional structure and high porosity. Its
filtering speed is once higher than woven filtering cloth. This product is applied
in carbon black chemistry, ferrous metallurgy, coal-fire boiler, fire resistance
material and cement etc. to govern dust pollution and recycle valuable micro
2. Specifications of Fiberglass filter bag and nonwoven needle felt
material fiberglass
weight: g/ m2 900±10
air permeability (L/ m2. s) 260~680
N/ 5*20cm breaking strength Warp ) 2000 Weft ) 1800
breaking elongation (%) Warp (10 Weft (10
Temperature resistance (℃) 280
acid resistance excellent
alkali resistance good
abrasive resistance general
hydrolytic resistance good
post-treatment heat setting, PTFE (Ptfe treatment)

3. Remarks: The quotation is for per square meter.

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