Polyester Anti-static needled punched felt

Polyester Anti-static needled punched felt

Product description:

Generally, when industrial dust concentration comes up to certain extent (i.e. explosion limit) , if static discharge spark or outside ignition exists, explosion and fire disaster may take place easily. Such dusts as flour dust, chemical engineering dust and coal dust etc. all have the probability of explosion if meeting static discharge. In bag-type dust removal filed, if these dusts need to be collected by cloth bags, it is required that the made cloth bags themselves have antistatic function. To produce antistatic filer materials demands merging into electrically conductive fiber in base cloth warp or mixing into electrically conductive fiber in chemical fiber, apart from possessing the process of producing common needled felt.

Product nameyarn typeblended spinning type
Material qualitypolyester staple fiber, terylen with yarn and conductance spun yarn
Weight g/ m2500500
Working temperature ( instantaneous ) 150150
Working temperature ( long range ) 80-13080-130
Rupture strength ( warp direction ) 1200N/ 5*50cm1200N/ 5*50cm
Rupture strength ( weft direction ) 1400/5*50cm1400/5*50cm
Acid resistancegoodgood
Alkali resistancegoodgood
Ventilation property m3/m2.min10-1610-16
YX10 Volume8.78.7
Friction electric potentialmaximum250250
V Mean value183183
Surface electric nucleus densitymc/ m23.43.4
Post treatment modesingeing, calendering, leather coat and water resistance